Magnetic Particle Inspection is one of the fastest and most cost effective nondestructive examinations used for detecting surface and near surface flaws and defects.

Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspection or test (FMPI)
Magnetic particle inspection (MPI, MT, FMPI)
Magnetic particle inspection (MT)

Our experienced non destructive testing inspectors certified according to ISO 9712 can determine the origin and cause of both surface and near-surface discontinuities.

MT – one of the most widely utilized nondestructive testing methods. It uses magnetic fields and small magnetic particles similar to iron filings to detect flaws in components. The only real limitation is that the component being inspected must be made of a ferromagnetic material such as iron, nickel, cobalt, or one of their alloys. The method according to ISO 17638, ISO 23278, ISO 4986 is used to inspect a variety of product forms including castings, forgings, and weldments.

The test method using fluorescent coated particles is called as Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspection or test (FMPI). The particles are colored and coated with fluorescent dyes that are made visible with a hand-held ultraviolet (UV) light (black light).